Running a Pro Team

Economics Overview
Negotiating Contracts
D Legal Rosters
Position Changes
Cutting Players
Free Agent Signings
Drafting Players
Minor Leagues and Training Squads
Assistant Coaches
Hints and Tips

D So führst du ein College Team

D legales Roster
D Scholarships
D Walk-Ons
D Positionswechsel
D Spieler entlassen
D Rekrutieren
D Redshirts
D Spielzeit
D Postseason
D Ranglisten System
D DEL BCS System
D Teamwechsel
D Non-Conference Games
D Anregungen und Tipps
neu Erfahrungsbericht

Sport-Specific Information

Baseball Statistics Coaching Hints
Basketball Statistics Coaching Hints Advanced Topics
Football Statistics Coaching Hints Advanced Topics
Hockey Statistics Coaching
Soccer Statistics Coaching